This week we have managed to overseed and top dress all the greens on the course.
We have been waiting to do this job for sometime, the grass needs to be growing for process to be effective.
The overseeding was carried using our new Dyna Seeder, a very expensive bit of kit, but shared with Bovey Tracey.
This machine makes a small slot in the green, seed is then fed down through a metering device into the slot, some does miss the target, and you can see that on the surface, the bulk is however buried.

So what is top dressing?
Basically top dressing is the application of bulky materials to the green, in our case we are using a 70/30 rootzone mix ( 70% sand 30% soil).
It is applied to fill in pitch marks and other indentations in the green. The aim is to improve the playing surface, giving you the Golfer a true and fast surface to putt on.

One major drawback with this job is it is very weather dependant, we need a nice dry sunny day to allow the mix to dry out before it is worked in with a drag mat. So an apology to the Ladies who’s Medal we disrupted.