Wrangaton Golf Course - 10th green

March update

As many of you will have noticed having played the front 9 after weeks of being closed some of the greens  are in a pretty poor state, particularly 2, 5 and 7.

The prolonged water logging  has caused anaerobic soil conditions that has stunted or killed the grass in the worsted effected areas.

As soon as the greens could stand a tractor we have slit them to help aerate the soil, and as they dried further Chris has spiked them, again to help get this air movement into the rootzone. Roots need to breath just like the leaves.

Tim this week sprayed all the greens with a  soluble iron and urea (a form of nitrogen), the iron to kill the moss and the urea to stimulate some growth.

As soon as soil temperatures rise and encourages some growth we will  start top dressing and overseeding to create the smooth putting surface you all enjoy.