founded - 1895

The club celebrated its Centenary in 1995, and is one of the oldest golf clubs in Devon.

Situated within Ugborough Parish on the southern slopes of Dartmoor between Ivybridge and South Brent.  It was originally known as South Devon Golf Club and adopted the name Wrangaton in 1922.  The land was given by the Misses Elizabeth and Beatrice Carew which was inherited by them on the death of their father Sir Walter Palk Carew, who was a local landowner.


As part of the evolution of Wrangaton Golf Club moving forward with the times we have revolutionised our long standing logo which had become dated and needed a fresh approach in order to connect with the current modern audiences and also allow Wrangaton as brand to look its best in the increasing forms of application demands. We hope that this brand will be able to stand the test of time much like its predecessor did very successfully. The brand has not strayed too far from its roots and holds all the characteristics of the original brand we hope it can represent and stand as a mark that all our club gets behind and can take the club forward for many years to come.